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How to Pack Healthy School Lunch

Children who eat a nutritious lunch perform better in school. The best lunch is a combination of foods that supply protein, fat and carbohydrates to sustain energy and concentration for several hours. Eating foods from at least three food groups gives children the nutrients and energy they need to feel good and do well in school.

What should you pack? 
Children's input should be the first ingredient. Children who help select and prepare their meals tend to make better choices. You may need to establish some ground rules for what goes into the lunch first. Talk to them about what they like to eat and take them with you on your next trip to the grocery store. Prepackaged lunches for kids are popular and convenient, but they're also expensive and can be less than nutritious. Instead, create your own packable lunch using healthier ingredients.

Here are some of our favorite lunches to get you started. 

Spice up your typical sandwiches by using different whole grain products instead of plain white bread: Different breads (9-grain, whole-wheat, spelt, kamut, sourdough)

* Rice cakes
* Plain or flavored bagels
* Whole-wheat buns
* English muffins
* Matzo crackers
* Pita bread

Dress up plain pita bread by trying something new.

Pita Pizza: Spread low-fat ricotta cheese in the inside of the pita. Then stuff sliced tomatoes (or any type of pizza toppings) and any leftover cooked meat into the pita. Drizzle with marinara sauce and top off with low-fat mozzarella.

Stir-fry Pita: Mix steamed rice, mixed vegetables, and leftover meat with teriyaki sauce. Then stuff teriyaki mixture into pita.

Wraps and More
The possibilities for making a healthy lunch with wraps are endless. There are many flavors of wraps now available at your local grocery store. These balanced, nutritious wrap ideas can be eaten cold:

* Peanut butter roll-ups
* Ham and cheese wrap
* Fajita roll-up
* Turkey and cranberry wrap
* Pizza rolls
* Chicken quesadilla
* Crunchy vegetable and hummus wrap

During cold weather, pack a soup lunch that will bring the flush back to your child's cheeks. To keep the soup hot until lunchtime, first warm up any leftover soup, then pour into a Thermos®. Pack a small roll of bread or some crackers to go along with this hot lunch. Opt for broth based soups such as chicken noodle or vegetable to avoid excess calories.

Safe Food Handling Tips for Lunches and Snacks
It is especially important to take extra precautions and practice safe food handling when packing a school lunch. If lunches are not refrigerated, they provide the perfect environment for bacteria in food to multiply rapidly and cause foodborne illness. Follow the suggestions below to avoid foodborne illnesses:

* Encourage children to wash their hands before eating!
* Include a package of moist towelettes in case soap and water is not accessible.
* Use an insulated lunch bag with a commercial ice pack. Sandwiches with meat and cheese fillings will stay cool, tasty and safe.
* Teach your youngsters to keep their lunch bags out of the direct sun.
* Use a chilled Thermos® to keep milk, juice or other perishables cold.
* Add a box of 100% fruit juice or cup of yogurt that has been frozen overnight. By lunchtime, they will be defrosted and will help keep the other foods cool.
* Include foods that do not need refrigeration like peanut butter sandwiches, whole grain crackers, dried fruit, fresh fruit, granola bars and unopened cans of pudding.
* Wash fruits and vegetables before packing into the lunch bag.
* Wash insulated lunch bags after every use.

Healthy School Lunches

One of the easiest way with which you can help your kids have just the right amount of nutrients they need is to check the kind of foods they eat for lunch at school. There are many problems that plague both private and public schools these days, one of which is the lack of well-balanced meals in the cafeteria. What’s worse, some kids prefer to skip the cafeteria and head straight to the nearest vending machine, which pops out only soft drinks and more junk foods. To be safe, medical experts advise that in order for your kids to be healthy bring to school lunches.

Many people skip the option to make their kids bring their own lunches to school. They reason that they already have too many things to do without having to worry about what foods to pack for their kids. However, with the health issues that kids are threatened with today, having kids bring their own lunches to school is no longer an option but a must. This is one of way of taking control of the situation and safeguarding your kids from the adverse effects of eating junk foods.
Whether or not you know for sure that your kids’ school is providing them with a nutritionally balanced lunch, it’s best to make time to prepare your kids one yourself. Waking up a few minutes earlier than usual just to do this is worth it in the long run. After all, being a parent entails certain sacrifices to make your kids have the best kind of care possible. Packing them their very own lunch is one of them.
One of the great things about letting your kids bring their own lunch to school is that you can make it a bonding activity for the entire family. For one, you can take the kids to the grocery store and allow them to choose healthy snacks for themselves. Teach them the importance of proper nutrition and lead by example by eating healthy foods yourself. You can treat your kids to their share of sweets by hitting the kitchen together and preparing cookies, brownies, jell-o, and the like the night before. It’s a fun way to get to know your kids better and become closer. Preparing lunches for kids doesn’t have to be a tedious task that you want to avoid. It can become a simple family event that you can look forward to.
By making your kids bring their own lunch to school, you are doing your part in ensuring their protection from obesity and other health problems, and helping yourself in turn to become a better parent.

healthy whole foods lunch ideas

Here is the list of healthy whole foods lunch ideas to feed your children:
  1. Leftovers from last night’s dinner can be quickly packed in a thermos. Fill the thermos first with hot water to ensure the meal stays warm through lunch time. Here are some favorites to try:
  2. Spaghetti.
  3. Your family’s favorite casserole.
  4. Salmon, veggies, and brown rice.
  5. Chicken, veggies, and brown rice.
  6. Chili and rice or whole grain crackers.
  7. Stir-fry and brown rice.
  8. Soup in a thermos with whole grain crackers. Kids especially love:
  9. Chicken noodle soup.
  10. Vegetable soup.
  11. Minestrone soup.
  12. Tomato soup.
  13. Yogurt, fruit, granola, and nuts.
  14. Cottage cheese and fruit.
  15. Chicken and bean burrito on a whole grain tortilla.
  16. Pita bread stuffed with hummus, sprouts, and tomato.
  17. Guacamole and blue corn chips.
  18. Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread.
  19. Vegetarian BLT sandwich (use veggie bacon).
  20. Almond butter, bananas, and a dash of honey on whole wheat bread.
  21. Veggie burger.
  22. Whole grain bagel and cream cheese.
  23. Vegetables should always be included. Here are a few favorites:
  24. Carrot sticks.
  25. Celery (add almond butter, or cream cheese, and raisins).
  26. Snap peas.
  27. Edamame (soy beans).
  28. Broccoli and ranch to dip it in.
  29. Sprouts can be added to sandwiches.
  30. Smear avocados on sandwiches for essential fats.
  31. Red pepper slices.
  32. Cucumbers.
  33. Whole grain crackers are a great source of protein and fiber. Pair them with:
  34. White cheese or cream cheese (yellow cheese is high in saturated fat).
  35. Hard boiled eggs.
  36. Nitrite free lunch meat.
  37. Hummus.
  38. Nut butters like cashew and almond butter. (Peanuts are highly allergenic, try to rotate your nut butters to prevent allergy).
  39. Nuts are an excellent source of protein, fiber, and fat. Try to do raw nuts if possible:
  40. Cashews.
  41. Almonds.
  42. Pistachios.
  43. Mixed nuts.
  44. Trail Mix.
  45. Fruit is always a school lunch favorite. Here are a few that pack well:
  46. Apples.
  47. Oranges.
  48. Peaches.
  49. Pears.
  50. Cantaloupe.
  51. Honeydew.
  52. Bananas.
  53. Raisins.
  54. Dried blueberries, apricots, pineapple rings, or other favorite dried fruit.
  55. Water, rice milk, soy milk, or 2% cow milk. Kids don’t need juice
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How to get rid of Bed Bugs

When people hear the word bed bugs, it is enough to send them running away just at the thought of blood-sucking insects creeping on them while asleep. Bed bugs can be very difficult to get rid once they have infested a home or building. They are small pests that hide during daylight in cracks, mattress, box spring, headboard, and other tight places where it makes it difficult to see them. But in order to get rid of bed bugs, you need to know the facts.

1. Bed bugs are blood sucking insects that feed on warm-blooded animals, usually human.

2. Bed bugs are brown in color and quickly change to dark red after sucking blood.

3. Bed bugs are considered nocturnal insects since they attack only at night when everybody is asleep.

4. Bed bugs are like mosquitoes, they are attracted to the warmth and presence of carbon dioxide. That’s how they find you in the dark.

5. Bed bugs use two tubes when they suck blood from you. One tube releases saliva which contains anesthetics so you won’t feel the bite and anticoagulants to keep the blood flowing. The second tube is for sucking blood.

6. It is the bed bug’s saliva that causes swelling and redness of the skin. The bite of a bed bug is sometimes confused with poison ivy and spider bites.

7. Female bed bugs can lay up to 5 eggs a day and 500 eggs throughout its lifetime. The eggs hatch in 1-2 weeks depending on how warm or cold the room is.

8. Bed bugs can survive for a year without blood. This is one of the reasons they are difficult to stop.

9. Bed bugs take about 5 minutes to finish a blood meal.

10. Bed bugs are not indicators of unkept or dirty homes and buildings. Bed bugs will infect the humblest of homes or the most extravagant hotels as long as there is the means.

11. Although their bites leave the skin swollen, red, and itchy, bed bugs do not transmit pathogens or diseases… but still annoying.

12. Bed bugs are very good hitchhikers and are usually unknowingly transported by luggage, clothing, belongings, or even the human itself as they travel. This is how infestation starts.

13. Adult bed bugs are 4-5mm in length, flat, and oval-shaped. Just like a sunflower seed. This makes it easy for them to hide and nest on cracks or crevices anywhere.

14. Bed bugs have been around for centuries, dating as far back as 17th century.

15. Bed bugs can travel as far as 100 feet to feed, but usually remain in bedrooms.

Get rid of Bed Bug

Get rid of Bed Bug
Get rid of Bed Bug

Get rid of Bedbugs

Bed bugs are a small wingless insect that feed upon the blood of animals including humans. These small, wingless pests infest homes, hotels, cruise ships and dormitories and make sleeping a major pain, literally. At night, the bed bugs go to work, revealing themselves and crawling out while humans are fast asleep. The bugs then began to suck on the blood of warm-blooded creatures, specifically sleeping humans. The next morning, people wake up complaining of all sorts of little bug bites which lead to rashes, itching and other complications.

Bed bugs come from the insect family known as Cimicidae. They stay alive through feeding on human blood or the blood of other warm-blooded hosts. The bed bug is no bigger than 1/4 of an inch in length, and has an oval shape to it. The smaller hatchling versions of the bed bug are the size of a poppy seed, very unnoticeable to the human eye. These bugs can range in color from white to tan to deep brown or reddish-orange colors. Their color may even reflect the dark blood of the animal or human it was feeding on.

Detection of bedbugs can be difficult seeing as they are very small, hide often, and usually make their way out at night time. One sign that you may have a bedbug infestation is if you are noticing bites when you wake up in the morning. Another way, is to take a flashlight to bed, and if you are suddenly woken during the night, you can try to shine the light on you to see if you spot a bed bug. They are fast and may scurry away from the light. You can also try spotting the debris left by bed bugs. Generally if you see reddish, brown, or black spots or streaks on your mattress, sheets, bedding or suspected areas, this may indicate a bed bug infestation with fecal matter and blood accidentally released. A final way to find the bed bugs is by putting double sided sticky tape around the edges of your mattress or box spring and on the floor as well. Within about 1 week's time you should see them caught on the tape if there truly is a bedbug problem in your home.

As far as how to get rid of bed bugs, you can take many approaches. One of the most common steps to take would be to replace the suspected mattress if you believe it is infected. You could replace the box spring, sheets, pillow cases and any furniture covers you suspect. Obviously this becomes quite expensive, so you may also choose to do some thorough cleaning including dry cleaning of suspected cloths and vacuuming of the mattress. Make sure to empty your vacuum cleaner's bag outside after you've completed this, so the bugs or their eggs don't get back into the home.

Getting rid of bed bugs is something that will take some work to do. Once you've identified that they do exist in your home and where they have created an infestation, you can then begin to take the proper steps to get rid of them. Once you do, you can return to a peaceful, pest-free night's sleep!
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How to clean silver jewelry at home


Cleaning Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry has its own elegance.Silver s a beautiful metal which can be made into a variety of jewelry pieces. However, silver is prone to tarnishing, stains and scratches. Cleaning silver jewelry at regular intervals and storing them in an appropriate place is extremely important, if you wish to keep your silver trinkets from getting tarnished. Over time, silver jewelry can tarnish, giving it a dull look. Fortunately you can restore the shine to your silver jewelry by cleaning it at home. You probably have most of the items you'll need already in your house.
Proper storage and maintenance of silver can surely cut down the time of cleaning it. How to store silver jewelry to prevent it from tarnishing –
Tips to Maintain Silver
  • Clean the silver items after every use. This way, you can prevent tarnishing problem. Just wash the silver in lukewarm water with a mild, phosphate-free detergent.
  • Use soft cloth to lightly rub the silver and quickly dry it with a soft towel. Don not use rubber gloves
  • Silver doesn't blacken at all when kept in a container of vermilion. Just wipe the red powder off with a dry piece of cloth before wearing them.

How to clean silver jewelry

How to clean silver jewelry
How to clean silver jewelry

Soem tips about how to clean jewelry:

  • Keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined case, or wrap each piece individually in soft tissue paper.
  • Keep jewelry away from harsh chemicals, which can reduce the shine of your jewelry.
  • Do not use jewelry cleaner on jewelry with pearls and porous stones, such as emeralds, rubies, lapis lazuli, coral and turquoise. Wipe them clean with a soft, damp cloth or have them cleaned professionally.
  • Exposure to perfume, cosmetics or perspiration can stain gemstones.
  • Gold and silver could be scratched if brushed too hard. Don't be too aggressive when brushing your diamond jewelry; although diamonds are hard, the material in which they're set may not be. 


How to Stop Snoring

If you are having snoring problem it is probable that you are thinking of the best way to stop snoring. Snoring has the reputation of causing sleep deprivation not only to the individual who snores but also to his or her sleeping partner or spouse. Hence, inadequate sleep can lead to a decline in libido, touchiness, lethargy and the like.
Certainly, if you are fed up with the effect snoring is having on you then it is high time you put a stop to it. In adults and children, partial blockage in the air passages is the main symptom of this disorder while snoring should be considered as a warning sign of impending ill health. Snoring is caused due to many different reasons and hereditary may be just one of them.
So, whether you snore or your child, getting the snoring evaluated is extremely important. Allergies, blockages and obesity may be few reasons that an adult or child may be snoring. Snoring may mildly alarm the snorer but their loved one is going to pay more dearly because of the constant obsessive noise directly caused by snoring.
To explain it better, the snoring individual falls asleep and will keep sleeping, but is not deeply interrupted. But for the other one who shares the same bedroom, there is most always no hope for uninterrupted deep, much needed REM sleep because of the on going loud and rhythmic noise next to them. One way to stop snoring in Chicago is by controlling one’s diet. Watching your diet could work wonders in controlling this problem. Eating low carbohydrate foods, sweets and drinking soft drinks before sleeping can do the trick in stopping this disorder. Alcohol intake also causes snoring reducing on the alcohol intake helps in reducing this problem.
Sleeping on your side as compared to sleeping on the back plays a role in stopping snoring. Sleeping on the back makes the tongue lie on the throat thus the snoring noises. The first thing to do to stop snoring is to avoid sleeping on your back. Anytime you sleep on your back your head normally tilt backwards and your mouth opens wide thereby encouraging you to snore. Humans are not meant to inhale and exhale with their mouths, but this has to occur if the mouth is forced opened.
Therefore, the initial step to take is to avoid sleeping on your back. The easiest way to make sure you maintain a sleeping position on your side is to support yourself with some pillows so you can be prevented from sleeping on your back. Every device to stop snoring has varied efficiency according to the person’s snoring problem. A person with a more sever snoring issue may be required to use a device to stop snoring along with therapy, like exercise. Also, those with extreme snoring problems are those with weight problems and unhealthy lifestyles.



Home Remedies for Snoring - Effective Ways to Stop Snoring

Snoring is a dysfunction that is caused in the mechanism of the human body. The muscles in your soft palate, throat and tongue relax when you are in deep sleep, closing the airway partially. Trying to stop snoring can be a hassle and frustrating. Especially when it causes you to get less sleep at night.
So, what I’m going to do is share with you some home remedies for snoring. That way, you can sleep better at night without being awaken from your snoring. Some people tend to snore when they breathe through their mouth while sleeping and their tongue is incorrectly positioned within the oral structure, effectively blocking their airway.
You may have tried different things only to find that so far nothing has helped. You wake up un-rested, cranky, and irritable and on top of all that, your family may also be cranky and un-rested because your snoring may have kept them all awake also. Another suggestion in home remedies for snoring would be to try and elevate the head of your bed.
This simple solution can often help reduce your snoring problem, simply put the two feet of the bed on bricks or another supportive product. This type of solution can also be helpful for people suffering from congestion, cold or allergies during the night.

Elevating your bed head will help prevent the nasal airways to become congested during your sleep and thus reduce your snoring. One of the best home remedies for snoring relief is to sleep on your side. There is a possible solution if you fall asleep on your side but then shift to your back while sleeping. There are some special pillows or other contraptions that can keep you on your side.
Do some searching online and you will come across these products. Quit smoking. Anything that is going to obstruct breathing can lead to snoring. Many people that smoke also snore at night. Even after you quit smoking, you might still snore due to the effects that smoking has on the body. Obviously, there are more hazardous side effects of smoking besides snoring.
Eliminate smoking and the snoring might disappear as well. Smoking isn’t cheap either. Milk. You must be drinking milk before bedtime during your childhood days. If you snore a lot, then you should get back the habit. Drink at least half a cup of milk before going to bed. Avoid alcohol and coffee. If you are lactose intolerant, a cup of eucalyptus tea can be taken as an alternative to milk.
Another remedy for stop snoring is by placing two or large size pillows and making your sleeping position in manner that doesn’t obstruct your breathing. Exercise regularly to improve your cardiovascular health, breathing and lung capacity. It also helps to keep your nasal passages firm and in good conditioning. In addition, it keeps your weight under control. People who often exercise tend to snore less. However, never exercise before bedtime as this may keep you awake instead of sleeping.

Boyfriend catching girlfriend snoring

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How to Use Facebook and Make Money


How do you make money with Facebook?

Facebook’s recent endeavor in social media presents a great opportunity for marketers, developers and businesses to tap into the social network’s young, active, and viral crowd. Facebook has become a social networking phenomenon that started just with college students but now has expanded to all types of social groups. Much of Facebook users are so addicted to this website, they spend hours exploring and using different kinds of social applications. Like the television, people are spending more and more time in front of their computers - surfing the web or trying out new applications on Facebook.
Like with more popular media like the television, radio or print advertisements, Facebook also generates advertisements that go with their applications. You can apply the same concept - make a product and sell it. There are a few myths and misconceptions regarding the Facebook . Though there are a number of people who have earned lot of money through and built up a great career by creatively developing Facebook Applications, yet a majority of people believe the myth that you need to actually be employed by Facebook if you want to become a Facebook Application Developer. In fact, earning money comes automatically once you become a developer.
Facebook has recently become a giant in the world of Social Media. You can hardly find someone who has not heard about it yet. Although it was solely created for U.S. college students at the beginning, but now it is FREE for public and everyone is allowed to open an account and set up a profile.
What it means is a great opportunity for smart people, for those who want to earn a living online using one of the most powerful websites in social media.
Actually, there are tons of effective methods to earn money on Facebook, but what I´m going to reveal here is 2 amazing ways. Although, each of the following methods requires some special skills or conditions, but you can get the whole picture and then start working on one of them.

This is extremely important to anyone who works online but also important for business people looking to gain free online exposure to a worldwide market. There is also advertising on Facebook. There is Pay per click ads or Pay per impression advertisements as well, this is also covered in depth. There is also a place on called Facebook Marketplace where people can go to buy, sell, donate to charity or give things away. Similar to ebay but with more options. This is a great place to make some extra money selling things you no longer use which are just lying around your house.

Money Making Opportunities on Facebook

Sell your Product 
If you already have a product, you can sell it on Facebook - most especially if your service or product caters to the 18 to 35 year old group. For example, if you own a twenty-four hour pizza place, you can put up your page with your company profile and your products. Some college students that go online during the wee hours of the night might actually crave for pizza.
Or if you have a bookstore, you can put up a page asking people if they want to order a book online for a significantly lower price compared to other online bookstores. Know your consumers and find ways on how to get in touch with them. Join groups or causes so your presence would be more visible.
Develop applications solely for the purpose of selling them to interested parties. Several applications have already been acquired in this fashion; the most recent example is that of Mozes’ purchase of TextMe.
Develop Applications under contract for third parties
An indirect source of funds: develop applications under contract for third parties. A number of companies have been posting contract jobs over at the Facebook’s developer forums. There exists a large gap in the supply and demand of available Facebook application developers; as a result, finding potential clients to charge reasonable rates should not be a hassle.
Affiliate Marketing 
Affiliate marketing is a great alternative to advertisements; my own source of income on Facebook is generated through Amazon’s affiliate marketing.
Make your Facebook page interesting.
A lot of people also browse Facebook looking for interesting content like causes to support, funny stuff or photos that are worth taking a look at. You can start thinking of ways on how to make your page interesting, so a lot of readers would go to your profile page.
You just have to put an advertising space on your profile page. Then, find advertisers that would be interested in putting up their ad banners on your site. If your page is about books, maybe you'd like to get in touch with Amazon. It would be logical, of course, to get advertisers that are related with your actual content.
You don't actually have to sell anything on your Facebook page, you just have to put up advertising spaces once you get the traffic rolling.
Create applications.
Facebook is so popular because of the various third-party applications it offers. First of, you should know what the market demands. What applications do Facebook users want? Most users are between the ages of 18 and 35 so it is understandable that most Facebook applications would be mashups between music, video, applications that are just for fun or their profiles. Applications would range from free gifts, to horoscopes, to trivia games, personality tests or graffiti walls on their profile pages. These applications are viral - meaning it can spread in a matter of minutes! So, a lot of people can be using your application minutes after it has been launched. That would mean that you can sell advertising spaces on your application.

Amazing Ways To Earn Money On Facebook

Earn Money Through Facebook Applications (Apps):
If you are a Facebook user, you definitely know what applications are. You may get invitations from your friends asking you to add a particular app or probably have added some to your profile. There are small programs created by developers that run on your account for special purposes. Some applications have been installed by thousands, even millions of people around the Facebook community.
Your application should attract a very large audience. If it does not get popularity, then there won´t be any potential profit for you. Only apps with large users have the opportunities to earn good money. So, you application should be unique and must be useful for users.
Always, put yourself in the shoes of Facebook users and ask yourself if you would personally added that application to your profile or not. You know, it is the power of viral marketing in Facebook. Once it attracts the public attention, it will be distributed like a virus all over this multi-million-member community.
How Can You Earn Cash From Your Applications
There are literally tons of methods to monetize your Facebook applications. You can either:
- sell your app for a very good price
- get sponsorships from merchants and companies
Earn Money By Promoting Stuffs Through Facebook Ads:
Facebook ads run on the user’s profile when they come to their page. It gives the opportunity to present your business or website on other people´s profiles. OK, so what? There are millions of other places for advertising purposes. Hey, what´s unique with Facebook Ads?
The most important feature of Facebook Ads that I really like is the Social Ads, giving you the power to advertise to tight demographics. So, instead of creating an ad and hoping that it reaches the right people, you can target it exactly to the audience you select.
Demographics such as age, gender, marital status and interests like movies, books and sports are some of the features that most smart advertisers and marketers want to find out. If you know your audience and their needs, you know what you can sell them. And the good news is that those demographics aren’t created by guessing or computer modeling, they’re defined by the users themselves.

Show Your eBay Listings on your Facebook Profile

If you use eBay to list items, you can take advantage of the eBay Marketplace Facebook application see what your friends are buying, selling and watching on eBay. You can also add your eBay watch list—and share your finds with your friends.
This application is a fun way to share watch lists and good deals that you might find as an eBay shopper, and eBay sellers can also use it to manage their eBay items.
An eBay news feed will highlight your eBay activity, such as notifications when you sell an item, links to the items you have for sale, and updates on new eBay feedback left for you. This information appears in the eBay Marketplace News Feed, and you will also see these notifications for any of your friends using the eBay Marketplace app on Facebook.
To use the eBay Marketplace app you need to link your eBay account to Facebook when you add the application to your own Facebook profile.

Earn Commissions from a Facebook Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand is a Facebook application based on affiliate referral earnings. This is an easy way to show products for sale on Facebook and earn a commission on sales if you don't have your own items to sell.
To use the app you set up a "stand" and add items from different online retail shops to display in your stand. You earn money using this app like you would with affiliate links on your site or blog—you earn revenue when people click-through and purchase an item that you display in your stand.
To use the application you must first register as a member of Lemonade. You will be prompted to provide your name, e-mail, nickname and password before you can access the application. You then customize your own Lemonade Stand by choosing a name, products to display and by selecting a bonus offer that recommends a third-party product or service.
After you create your Lemonade Stand you can display it on your Facebook profile and also add it to your blog or Web page.  You receive your commission earnings via PayPal when your Lemonade Stand account reaches a set minimum balance.

Micro-payment Transactions
You can always look at selling your development services on Facebook for a price, depending on the application’s size and purpose. You can get paid through online payment systems like PayPal. This could be a lucrative way of making money online via Facebook.
Sell your Developed Applications
Try selling your developed applications to interested parties who may be interested in your product. Half a dozen applications have been acquired in this manner. Who knows, you could be asked to develop future applications or even be employed by a company who is seeking a Facebook Application Developer.
Drive Traffic from Facebook to your Website
You can drive quality Internet visitors from Facebook to your own website by advertising on Facebook with their targeted online Ads. They offer Pay Per Click ads, CPM with their Social Ads or through their Facebook Pages. This will bring more quality, targeted traffic to your website and will benefit any Advertising or Affiliate programs that you run on your site, allowing you to make more money online from your website.

How to make an impact during a video communication


Ten tips on how to make an impact during a video communication

Etiquette at its best
Ten tips on how to make an impact during a video communication
You bought a webcam and are ready to join the millions of savvy people taking advantage of video communication over the Internet. Now you can talk to anyone, anywhere in the world, just as if they were sitting in the same room as you.
While this opens up many possibilities to keep in touch with loved ones or communicate with key colleagues,video communication presents a perplexing new set of etiquette rules that youll want to know before jumping on to your first video call. To avoid embarrassing captured—on—videomoments, consider the following tip for a successfulstress—free experience:
Looks ‘do’ matter: before joining a video call, comb your hair. Some webcams provide such good image quality that viewers will know if you havent washed your hair lately. Dont were bright colours and patterns that may make it difficult for people on the other side to focus.
Face-scan: check for flyaway food in your teeth. And ladies—sloppy make-up is a strict no—noUse your manners—introduce yourself, speak clearly, dont interrupt.
Be cautious of your body language: remember others can see you. So eye—rolling or snickering in response to even the most asinine comments wont go unnoticed. Avoid tapping your pencil or drumming your fingers.
No food allowed: munching is inappropriate in any conference, more so in a videoconference where you are visible. This can irritate them and make the conference less productive.
Use the best Volp video calling service: Skype is an easy—to—use piece of software that enables free video calling over the internet.
Do not look distracted: dont constantly check your watch, recline with your feet up doodle on your notepad. If you have to fiddle, at least pretend that youre interested. Do not interrupt or distract others when they are talking.
Can you hear me now?: ask people on the other side if they can hear you. Make sure youre using a headset or a webcam with a integrated microphone or other participants may be unable to hear you. Speak in your normal voice. Have them introduce themselves so you that you can be sure that you can hear them.
Be aware of your surroundings: make the area, where you are conferencing from, presentable. Watch out for distracting or inappropriate background items,such as a dirty shirt draped over a chair, strange artwork or large quantities of office supplies that you took home from work. They could make you the topic of tomorrows water—cooler gossip.
Limit background noise: for the best audio results, conduct your video call in a quiet environment. Like in a normal meeting, try to avoid side conversations. mute the microphone before moving it during the meeting. Shuffling papers in a conference call can be very annoying. Do not have babies screaming or your dog braking during a video conference call. Its not cute at all! If it is not possible to be away from noise, mute your phone whenever you are not speakingAnd of course,turn your phone off (airplane mode) –not just on silent—to avoid any kind of feed back.
Check the lighting: to ensure the best video quality, find a well—lit room and try not to sit with your back to a window during daylight hours. Close the curtains. Daylight may conflict with the required lighting.
Most important, regardless of whether its work—related or catching up with friends,treat the experience as if youre actually in the same room with your friend or colleague. Than be yourself and your video conversations will always be a success.
Happy video calling!

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