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Simple cellulite body wrap


The body wraps often contains the blend of both minerals and herbs as the main ingredient. This is a popular type of body wrap which will reduce the cellulites that are accumulated in the body. There are lots of ingredients that are used while preparing the body wraps. Most often the natural herbs like algae, seaweeds, mud, aloe vera, etc and essential oils like lemongrass, rosemary, grapefruits, olive, lavender, sage, sandalwood and lemon are used while preparing for the cellulite body wrap recipes. These natural ingredients have powerful effects on the skin and make it both beautiful and healthy.
The cellulite body wrap is the easiest and simple procedure of getting a slimmer look, but since it requires more than one sitting, the cost will definitely give you a heart attack. The best thing you can do about it is to make the body wrap by yourself. It is a very easy and simple procedure to follow and you can do it easily at home.
Natural ingredients for the cellulite body wrap recipes
There are lots of cellulite body wrap recipes that you can tried out and it is pretty effortless and easy to follow.
Some of the ingredients that are needed in making a natural body wrap is only 8 drops of essential grapefruit oil, about 500ml of almond oil and about 2 drops of each essential oil of juniper berry, fennel, thyme, geranium and lavender. Mixed all these ingredients using a squirt plastic bottle and shake it well.
Another popular cellulite body wrap recipe is the one which includes 1 tsp of bladderwrack powder or shavegrass, sea salt and shea butter for about 1 oz, take gota kola powder for about ½ tsp and ½ cup dead sea clay or sea kelp.
Take a large mixing bowl and combine all these ingredients and cover taking 2 cups of hot water preferable boiling water. Let the mixture steep for about 2-5 minutes and it will be ready for use. The ingredients that are used here will improve your blood circulation, tighten the skin pores, reduce inflammation, give you a healthy and improved skin texture and reduce your cellulites.
The mud is the most popular and opted one. All you need is ½ cup of powdered clay, ¼ cup of seawater, ½ cup of aloe vera gel, and ¼ cup of powdered kelp.
Take these ingredients together and mixed it well in a bowl. Mix all the contents until it turns into a smooth paste. It is a simple procedure and you can use it as soon as it is made.
The clay contains ¼ cup of sea salt, 2 tbsp of olive oil, 1 cup of green clay and 2 cups of water. Boil the water and add the sea salt till it is dissolved. You can add the remaining ingredients after that and keep on stirring the mixture until it is form in a wet paste.
All these cellulite body wrap recipes are simple to make and you can find most of the ingredients in the market. The process of making these body wraps are pretty simple to try it out at home.

Cellulite Body Wrap

Cellulite Body Wrap
Cellulite Body Wrap

Cellulite Body Wrap

Herbal Cellulite Body Wrap

Cellulite body wrap can be found in spas if body wrap is your choice ofcellulite reduction treatment technique.Herbal cellulite body wrap uses natural herbal remedies such as seaweed, algae, aloe vera and mud. The effect of each type of herbs used varies, from improvement in circulation to skin soothing. How herbal cellulite body wraps work for cellulite reduction is by creating a condition that is similar to having fever, whereby our body eliminates toxin by perspiration. The skin is brushed and massaged evenly with one of these substances before it is wrapped with linens from neck to toe.

Cellulite Body Wrap

Cellulite Body Wrap
Cellulite Body Wrap

Homemade Cellulite Body Wrap

For a more convenient and less expensive cellulite reduction approach, you can make your own cellulite body wrap at home. Use warm coffee grounds and spread on cellulite areasand wrap with moist seaweed. Cover the area with cellophane or any types of plastic wraps and wait for about 20 to 30 minutes, then remove the wrap. Gently massage the area while rinsing with warm water.

Dry Skin Brushing

Another self-help cellulite reductionapproach is the dry skin brushingmethod. It helps to reduce cellulite by increasing circulation to skin. Increases of circulation will greatly benefits the lymphatic drainage of the body as well because it encourages the discharge of metabolic waste or toxins more efficiently. It is recommended to perform dry skin brushing once a day, preferably in the morning before bath on dry body. Using a long handle brittle brush, start brushing several times from the bottom of feet upwards, from the hands to shoulders, from abdomen towards the heart, avoiding sensitive areas. When done, rinse your body by alternating temperatures from hot to cold water to help stimulate blood circulation. Then, dry and massage your skin with pure plant oil such as almond and jojoba oils.

Thai Cellulite Massage

Tantalizing Thai Massages
Not only in Thailand, but also all over the world, this concept of Thai massage is gaining more popularity than ever. Many trained masseurs and masseuses are specializing in this one arena as massaging as this particular cellulite problem is consistently observed in women all over the world. The famous Thai massages are not only a result of years of practice but also great skills and innovative connection to healing one’s body.
The duration of this anti-cellulite massage is usually of 20-40 minutes but can be flexed as per one’s needs. The Thai massages have five steps involved in them, which include the Lymph Stimulation Massage, which is very beneficial to deplete the blockage of the lymph glands. These Lymph glands restore water and toxins which in turn develop cellulite and create body fat. Due to our daily lifestyle and bad eating habits, teamed up with environmental pollution, our lymph gland creates fat glands and cellulite. The Thai massage is a completely body shaping massage, in which the fat cells present in the connective cells are busted with the help of powerful stroking in the massage.

Body Contouring Anti-Cellulite Dead Sea Wrap

Get rid of cellulite easily using cellulite lotion

Getting the perfect cellulite reducing lotion might be tricky because there are a great number of products that claim to have the capability to remove cellulite from your body. Yet a lot of of these products don't in fact include any components that are effective for the elimination of cellulite, but are only hyped up body lotions that cost an excessive amount of money. 

Even so, there are several cellulite reducing lotions that make use of ingredients that have been clinically proven to even out the skin. These items are often somewhat harder to get, most often being found in specialty retailers instead of in lower end stores. They may also be purchased online. The price is generally around forty dollars per container, according to brand and quantity.

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