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How to use Feng Shui Dragon turtle to bring Wealth


The ruling element of the wealth corner is wood and the direction is south east. Therefore, the southeast corner of your home and office must be kept clean and organized. The lighting in this area should be natural, neither too bright nor too dim. Keep this corner constantly lighted or for as long as possible. Apart from this, the free flow of chi, the energy, is a must. Maintain high levels of oxygen so that it brings abundance, vitality and strengthens the energy field. Besides, objects like Citrine and Pyrite, the "sun mineral" is also known for attracting wealth and strengthening your self-esteem.

Dragon Turtle

Dragon Turtle
Dragon Turtle

Feng Shui Products and Tips for Wealth

  • Place a well maintained aquarium in the wealth area (southeast) of the house, since water supports wood. Nine gold fish are considered auspicious. Eight gold and one black fish are also recommended.
  • Other than an aquarium, you can also hang a painting, sculpture or talisman, depicting a beautiful golden fish. It will also activate the same energy.
  • Place a Dragon turtle sculpture in the north sector, to enhance the wealth/water.
  • Use faceted crystals and bamboo wind chimes for stimulating positive chi in the wealth sector.
  • Light, green, brown or other earthy colored candles or the ones intended to energize the element of wood, in the southeast corner.
  • A blue or black rug at your front entryway will ensure opportunities flowing into your home or business.
  • Put healthy, round leafed plants in the wealth sector to bring good 'chi'.
  • A pair of male and female Foo Dogs placed outside your business entrance will keep harmful people and negative influences at bay.
  • Place a crystal paperweight on top of your accounts receivable, contact list, or any paper related to incoming funds to increase wealth. Do not place the paperweight on your bill pile, as this will increase your expenditure.
  • The Chinese dragon or a sculpture depicting the dragon can be placed in the southeast. A fountain with a dragon motif or a dragon incense burner is also very powerful in this area. The money frog can also be placed inside your office door, facing inward.
  • Sales personnel should place three coins tied with red ribbon inside their purse or wallet. Apart from this, these coins can be placed at various places like near phone, inside cash register, near computer etc.

Attract wealth and abundance | Wealth Pouch

Use this pouch containing three Chinese coins and Jade semi precious stone to attract wealth and abundance. Can be placed in your purse, handbag. Can also be placed in accounts books, share portfolios or placed in your wealth corner of your home or office. This very popular Feng Shui cure is widely used as a powerful cure for wealth problems. The four Chinese characters should always be placed facing upwards. Made from a silky brocade material and comes with zip and button.

The Good Luck Coins Feng Shui Dragon Turtle is one the best representations of a long and prosperous life. The Dragon Turtle is available in a gold or dark rose finish and comes complete with a good luck coin in its mouth.

The dragon brings the Chi of success, courage and determination while the turtle symbolises longevity. For added prosperity the dragon turtle is sitting on a pile of gold ingots and good luck coins.

According to traditional Chinese feng shui the dragon turtle will attract prosperity to your business and improves your relationships with those around you.

The baby turtle on its back signifies good luck for descendants.
The Dragon symbolizes luck, the turtle long life and the baby turtle is a symbol of new beginnings. The Dragon Headed Turtle (Tortoise, Terrapin,) is the symbol of longevity in your home, especially for the head of the house. The dragon headed turtle is also a powerful symbol of wealth, health, prosperity and protection. 
 Legend has it that the turtle has within his body the secret of heaven and earth and the design of his shell shows the magic square, which is the guide for life.
 This beautiful dragon headed turtle can be used to improve relationships by placing a piece of red ribbon in his mouth, to attract wealth use golden ribbon. 
If you are having Health problems place a piece of blue ribbon in his mouth. 
To increase his strength place him in the North of your lounge or office or place him behind you when you are sitting at your desk to give you support. 
To increase your success or improve your options place one inside your front door on a table, in the evening turn him round to face the interior. 
 Never place him in the kitchen or bathroom.

Laughing Buddha | Brings Joy and Happines to Life

The obese Buddha with a smiling face is known as ‘Budai’ in China. The Chinese laughing Buddha is associated to a roving Ch'an (Zen) monk of the Liang Dynasty in China. He was famous for his benevolent and cheerful nature. He used to carry a cloth like bag wherever he went. The bag was called ‘Pu- Tai’ in indigenous Chinese language. Hence the monk came to be known as ‘Pu-tai Hoshang’ or ‘hemp-bag monk’. Sculptures and 

statues of the Laughing Buddha often depict him as carrying a sack that is filled with ‘goodies' like sweets, food and rice plants. The latter is a symbol of wealth. He is sometimes seen holding a wish-giving fan. The fan in Laughing Buddha Statues is believed to be the ultimate symbol of happiness and joy. The Happy Buddha is also depicted holding a staff on which rests a Wulu gourd. This is filled with the elixir for eternal youth. Often, he holds a begging bowl. His amulet symbolizes his authority in Heaven and his generous power.

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