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How to increase wealth using Feng Shui


There are many Feng Shui animals that can be used to symbolize wealth and prosperity. The representation of certain animals in specific locations of a home or office can enhance opportunities for wealth and money, according to Chinese Feng Shui practitioners. For more information on basic

The mongoose is a traditional Chinese Feng Shui animal used to bring more wealth into one's life. However, the mongoose provides precious jewels, not money. Buddhists consider the mongoose to be a holy creature. The mongoose produces jewels and gemstones whenever it is happy. If diamonds are indeed a girl's best friend, then a mongoose shouldn't be too far behind. Place a mongoose on your desk or other workspace to invite wealth in the form of precious gems into your life.

Feng Shui associates the powerful ox with money and achievement. Actually, the ox helps bring about all sorts of good tidings. The ox is known as a wish giver in Chinese Feng Shui, similar to a magical genie. Having an ox nearby brings good luck in investments, business, the stock market, career, or any financial situation. The ox helps achieve success, abundance and accumulation of wealth with the least amount of obstacles.

Pigs are another animal representing money and wealth in Feng Shui. Pigs symbolize prosperity, wealth, abundance, and success in business matters. Choose a nice, fat pig that is obviously happy and not lacking. A fat, happy pig with lots of piglets accomplishes the same goal. Use a pig figurine if you wish to follow a smooth, unencumbered path on your way to acquiring riches. The northwest area is the best location for your Feng Shui pig.

Feng Shui to increase wealth

Feng Shui to increase wealth
Feng Shui to increase wealth

Laughing Buddha | Brings Joy and Happines to Life

Laughing Buddha Statues are perhaps one of the most loved artifacts. They are commonly seen in homes, offices, hotels, gardens, restaurants and shops. The Laughing Buddha is a symbol of happiness, contentment, and prosperity. He is bald a rotund figure with a warm smiling face. He is clothed in robes, and his protruding tummy symbolizes abundance and mirth. He is also believed to be the future Buddha or Maitreya Buddha .

Attract wealth and abundance | Wealth Pouch

Use this pouch containing three Chinese coins and Jade semi precious stone to attract wealth and abundance. Can be placed in your purse, handbag. Can also be placed in accounts books, share portfolios or placed in your wealth corner of your home or office. This very popular Feng Shui cure is widely used as a powerful cure for wealth problems. The four Chinese characters should always be placed facing upwards. Made from a silky brocade material and comes with zip and button.

Attract wealth and abundance

Bring more wealth to your life using Feng Shui | Mongoose

The wealth mongoose is considered to be a holy creature carried by a Wealth Deity (Yellow Jambhala) in Tibetan Buddhism. The mongoose does not bless one with money, but instead with precious jewels. Each time it is happy, it will obediently produce miracles by magically churning out jewels and precious gems, therefore is considered to be an important wealth enhancer in feng shui. If jewels are what you are looking for in life, then by all means get this mongoose. The family of mongoose depicted sitting on coins and gold ingots will harness prosperity luck, increases happiness, generates fertility and usher in money when it is simply placed on your desk as a wealth energizer.

The wealth mongoose

Feng Shui for Wealth | Dragon turtle

The ruling element of the wealth corner is wood and the direction is south east. Therefore, the southeast corner of your home and office must be kept clean and organized. The lighting in this area should be natural, neither too bright nor too dim. Keep this corner constantly lighted or for as long as possible. Apart from this, the free flow of chi, the energy, is a must. Maintain high levels of oxygen so that it brings abundance, vitality and strengthens the energy field. Besides, objects like Citrine and Pyrite, the "sun mineral" is also known for attracting wealth and strengthening your self-esteem.

Feng Shui for Wealth | Dragon turtle

Wealth Fengshui | Wish Granting Cow

Buddhism teaches us that the cow has the power to transform our wishes into reality.
At home you can display the wish-granting cow in the South East sector of your house.
This can be very luck since South East is the general sector, which is associated with wealth.

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