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How to design Living Room for Luck and Prosperity using feng shui

Feng Shui Living Room for Luck and Prosperity

Feng Shui Living Room

If you are looking for some basic feng shui living room tips for your living room arrangement, color, layout and furniture placement, here comes everything that you would like to know on feng shui living rooms.

Living room is the most important area of a home, where family and friends usually gather for get-togethers, parties and sometimes for business meetings or formal affairs. Hence, it is a room that should contain a wide assortment of chairs and sofa benches along with some innovative, classic designs and decorations.
There are some basic things you can do in order to create a feng shui harmonized living room. If you wish to achieve a feng shui living room by yourself without the guidance of an expert, you should read and apply the information that we will provide through the next paragraphs. Feng Shui Living Room simply mean to decorate a living room in Feng Shui style to allow free flow of healthy and positive life energy or 'chi' and improve the quality of our life in general.
The main living area should be on the ground floor, not upstairs, and should not be viewable from the main doorway. Ideally, there should be a foyer or entrance hall, which is attractively decorated and the first thing people see upon entering the house, with common rooms close by and private rooms farther away. It’s important to note, however, that the main entranceway is not necessarily the front door, but the one homeowners use most often, which could be the back door or doorway to a garage.
The most important point in the main living area is Wealth, which is located in the left-hand corner when one is entering the room. According to the principles of feng shui, a door or doorway located beneath this point will result in the gradual loss of financial prosperity because one’s money will slowly seep away. So when considering the purchase of house or selecting plans for a new home, people should avoid this particular design if at all possible.

Feng Shui Living Room Layout
According to feng shui, the living room should be on the ground floor, and not upstairs. It should not be visible from the main entranceway or doorway. Technically, when people enter the house, first there should be a finely decorated foyer or entrance hall having common rooms close by and personal rooms a bit away. Another important point in feng shui living room arrangement is the wealth, which lies in the left hand corner, when someone enters the room. As per the feng shui concepts, a door or doorway located just under this point can lead to gradual loss of financial prosperity as the money will keep seeping away. If you have such a living room layout and now it is impossible to change the design, you can counter the negative energy by keeping a healthy plant in a large pot at the entrance but with no dead leaves or flowers.

Feng Shui Attracting Wealth Tips - Living Room

Feng Shui Living Room Colors

Each feng shui color attracts a particular type of energy, depending upon the location of the living room in the home, its color has to be selected. If the living room is at the middle of the home and with the health point of view, brown or shades of yellow are great colors as per feng shui. For a living room at the west, white color suits well, while if the living room is positioned at the east, shades of green or black helps to increase the family honor and heritage. Dark shades can also be used for a room positioned at the north to bring success and prosperity in life. If the room is positioned at the south, shades of red will bring in lots of fame and power. Soft or pastel pink when used in the south west corner can revive a dull or ending relationship while gray or silver colors when used in the northwest can bring in opportunities and success. More on feng shui colors.

Feng Shui Home Decorating Tips : Feng Shui for the Living Room

Feng Shui Living Room Furniture Placement

The next point to be considered is the furniture placement in the living room. The furniture should be arranged in such a way that it enables easy movement throughout the room and creates no obstacles when people traverse the room. The couch, chairs or sofa seats should not be positioned in such a way that people sitting on them have to look straight out the front door. You should place the couch and chairs with their backs to a wall, not necessarily flat against the wall. If you have two couches, avoid placing them facing each other as this can induce stress in your visitors who are unknown to each other. The best way to place them is with one to the side of the other in a catty-cornered set up. Also don't place the couch under a beam as it puts undue pressure on the family's breadwinner. Try to position the furnishings with their backs to either the front or main door or a window. 

Feng Shui Living Room

Plants on Living Room

Make sure that you never put straight plants with thorns in such places. Wide wall spaces in the living room can be used to accommodate a mirror that makes your living room look spacious but they must reflect a beautiful view such as view from a window or the fireplace. Placing your mirrors incorrectly will only promote negative energy and can actually have opposite results. Cluttered living rooms are not a constructive living room idea according to Feng Shui. Do not try to accommodate too much furniture in the living room. If you really want to decorate your living room in Feng Shui style, your TV or sound system, should not be placed as one of the more important pieces or their electromagnetic waves may disrupt the flow of chi.

Feng Shui Symbols to Bring Good Fortune

Lotus: As the symbol of purity modesty and love, the lotus enjoys a unique importance in Chinese folklore and it seems that this is largely due to the influence of Buddhism. The lotus comes out of the morass and yet is not itself tainted. It is inwardly empty, outwardly upright. It has no branches and smells sweet.

Castanets: - Cao Guo-jiu is the finest dressed of all the immortals. He is always depicted in court dress and is often seen holding an official sceptre or castanets. So, for those budding thespians ensure you have this deity around you to help you on your way.

Flute: - A patron saint of musicians, this happy immortal is always depicted carrying or playing the flute. There are many types of Chinese flutes, however; the vertical flute which has only five holes in the upper part and one in the lower section with only one end open is played mainly by women. In Feng Shui a pair of flutes are often used to divert the negative flow of energy.

Sword: - A demon slaying sword is the attribute of Lu Dong-bin (born around AD 755) another of the eight immortals. There are many legends regarding swords and their magical properties. In fact, it is said that an ordinary sword can be turned into one that will repel demons by going through a special ritual and then reforged.
Good Luck Coins: Gifting someone three coins tied with a red ribbon represents sharing wealth and luck. This act brings good luck and positive Feng Shui to both the giver and the receiver.
Three-Legged Moon Frog: The three-legged frog with a coin in its mouth should be placed inside the front and should face into the house. This will improve your good luck and prosperity. This is a very important symbol of wealth and fortune. This symbol is also associated with long-life.
Dragon Turtle: A golden dragon turtle will make your business prosperous and improve relationships with those around you. Place a golden dragon turtle in the prosperity corner (South-East) of your office facing the door. This Feng Shui symbol is the best representative of a long and prosperous life.
Golden Cat of Abundance and Protection: This is a unique Feng Shui statue. On one side of this two sided Cat, the Cat is smiling and holing out its left paw up which represents good fortune and attracts money. On the other side the Cat is frowning and is holding a broom in its paw. This side symbolizes protection and broom is used to sweep away your troubles.
Golden Pigs: Pair of Golden Pigs brings great prosperity and happiness to a household. This is a symbol of honesty, initiative and diligence. It is best to use Golden Pigs when you are setting up a business or a new home.

Decorating Tips For Feng Shui Living Room

Some general feng shui living room decorating tips that will not only help you to decorate the room but also invite positive energy in the home.
  • Feng shui believes that all opportunities enter through the main door. The entrance should be well lit and display a feeling of happiness or all that is good. Dark gloomy entrance can discourage Chi.
  • Corners or dark areas of the living room should be lightened using mild lights, blend of clear colors and mirrors as this attracts 'chi' or positive energy and enables it to flow through all the living room space.
  • Pay special attention to corners, empty places and darker areas of the living room. These can dampen the flow of chi. Bring in light and brightness to these areas. It ushers in good luck, harmony and peace of mind. Consider lighting up the corners with lamps, add potted plants with round leaves only or even fix a mirror. The ideas is to attract chi and allow for free flow which otherwise would shun these areas. Remove dried plants. It can be a source of negative energy, replace with fresh ones.
  • As the room's main table symbolizes health, it should be neat and tidy. Keeping natural flowers and plants on it is good for the sight and health of people sitting around it.
  • Another important element of feng shui living room is the mirrors. A well-positioned mirror can bring in more light, make the room look wider and can reflect a symbolic element in it.
  • Placing feng shui items like fuk luk sau at an elevated level can create an auspicious chi for the entire house. Fuk luk sau is basically a three stand deity believed to symbolize three main aspirations of humans, happiness, wealth, and long life. More on feng shui decorating tips.
  • Mirrors are an important element in feng shui living room decoration. For best results, the mirror should be placed strategically. Mirrors can be used to spread light to darker areas, to make rooms appear wider and spacious and also to reflect the door so that it can be viewed from a specific spot.
  • Fuk Luk Sau are three star deities believed to stand for the three important aspirations of the humans - happiness, wealth and longevity. In the living room, place fuk luk sau on a high side table. Place the table in front of a wall at a height of eye view. This creates auspicious chi for the entire household.
  • The constant movement of fish in fish tank is believed to be a good chi. So, placing a fish tank in the north of the living room is favorable. The size is immaterial for they all do the same job. But, placing a large aquarium in the living room with a large fireplace is considered to be two strong elements competing with each other. In that case, it is best to place a small fish tank or a small fish bowl with a couple of gold fish.
  • Place an especially appealing work of art, a large healthy floor plant, or perhaps even the television in the Money point of the room.
  • Although a fireplace is desirable, especially if it is located in the Power point, do not hang a mirror over the fireplace since it impedes the flow of Chi. Opt for a painting instead or perhaps a tapestry, wreath, or some other artwork.

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