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How to Control Hair Dandruff naturally


Dandruff | Home remedies

Dandruff is the most widespread hair problem. It is prevalent to men. It is common believe that dandruff is caused by dry skin, frequent head washing or poor hygiene. These popular myths can lead to ineffective and often – inappropriate treatment and even worsen the situation.
Dandruff has a negative impact on one’s self esteem, and people suffering from that condition are usually more sensitive about their appearance than the rest.
Vinegar Treatments works for controlling dandruff- Many healthcare professionals recommend washing your scalp with a vinegar solution. The reason why they recommend this is because vinegar will help normalize the pH balance of your skin and scalp and restore your itchy, dry and flaky scalp into what it was before. Here is how to do it. 
  • Make a vinegar and water solution by combining 2 parts vinegar to 5 parts water. Apply to your scalp and leave on overnight. Wrap a towel around your head if you need to.
  • When you wake up in the morning, rinse your hair once again with the vinegar scalp treatment.
Aspirin is a natural treatment for dandruff- You can also try aspirin for treating dandruff but not in the way you may think. 
  • Crush 2 aspirin tablets and add them to your shampoo.
  • Go about shampooing your hair, leaving the shampoo on your hair and scalp for a least 2 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

What are the symptoms of dandruff?

What are the symptoms of dandruff?
  • * white, oily flakes of dead skin
  • * itchy, scaling scalp
  • * too dry or too oily hair
  • * greasy skin covered with flaky white, or yellow scales.



Cure for Dandruff?

Treatment of Dandruff

How to treat dandruff?

In most cases it is not necessary to consult the presence of dandruff with a physician. Dandruff is a chronic condition which can almost always be controlled, even though it requires patience and persistence.
If your dandruff is mild, wash your hair regularly to remove the excess flakes.
When you apply the shampoo, massage your scalp with your fingers to remove dead skin and improve blood circulation.
Avoid prolonged sun exposure, especially in mid-day – ultraviolet rays can damage your hair.
Always wash your hair with clean water after you have been to the pool or in a natural basin with contaminated water, even the sea.
A diet that provides enough zinc, vitamins and minerals, and essential fatty acid may help prevent dandruff.



Control Dandruff With Herbs

Method 1
  • One of the best hair rinse for dandruff is parsley. We usually don't think of parsley as a cosmetic herb, but it works. It also makes the hair nice and soft. Just buy a fresh bunch of parsley from the store. Wash it off and pour 4 cups of boiling water over it. Let it steep for 30 minutes, strain the herb out and then add 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar. Pour it over your head after using shampoo and conditioner. Do not rinse.
Method 2
  • Another great hair rinse is one that is made from stinging nettle leaves. Just pour 3 cups of boiling water over 2 tbsp. of stinging nettle. Let it steep for 30 minutes, strain the herb out and add 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar. Pour over your head after shampooing and conditioning and let it sit--do not rinse.
Method 3
  • Tea tree oil can also help dandruff. Just massage a few drops directly into the scalp, or purchase a tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner to use each day. You can follow it up with one of the rinses outlined above.
Method 4
  • Stick with natural shampoos that do not contain sodium laureth sulfate. This substance can be irritating to the scalp and cause dandruff-like symptoms.


  • • Add six spoonfuls water, two spoonfuls pure vinegar and apply it on the scalp with cotton wool before going to bed. Tie a towel around your head to protect the pillow. Wash your hair next morning. After shampooing, rinse again with vinegar water. Continue this once a week for at least three months.
  • • Mix a spoonful of lemon juice with two spoonfuls of vinegar and massage on the scalp. Wash your hair with an egg shampoo after this.
  • • Soak fenugreek (methi) seeds in yogurt overnight and apply the curd on your scalp for half an hour before washing in the morning.
  • • Hair washed with methi seed paste prevents dandruff, falling hair, baldness and dandruff keeping the hair long, healthy and black. Just soak the fenugreek seeds overnight in water to soften the seeds and grind in the morning to make paste. Before hairwash, apply this paste on scalp and hair and leave it on for half an hour. Wash off with shampoo later.
  • • Beat two eggs and add two tablespoons of water to it. Wet the hair and apply the egg mixture over the hair. Now massage your scalp and let the mixture on for ten minutes to fifteen minutes. Then rinse the hair with lukewarm water. This will keep both dandruff and hairfall problem away from you.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Your Dandruff

Aromatherapy can prove to be good treatment for Dandruff
Mix rosemary, avocado oil, jojoba oil, cedar wood oil and apply it for 30 minutes. Wash it with gentle shampoo. Apply olive oil on the scalp every night for one week and wash it in the morning. This will be very helpful to get rid of dandruff. Mix oils like juniper, cedar wood cypress in any carrier oil. Massage gently and leave it for an hour. Wash it with a mild shampoo and warm water.
Take tea tree oil in a container and mix it with olive oil. Shake the mixture gently and keep it on a dry, cool place for hours. Massage into the scalp and leave it for one hour. Wash it after that. One can apply it in the night and can wash it in the morning. A tree-tea oil shampoo can be used along with essential ingredients. Essential oil cures dandruff problem from the scalp. Essential oils like Tea Treem, Geranium, Rosemary, and Cedar wood, Juniper, Lavender, Lemongrass and also Sandalwood are prove to be helpful. Cedar wood oil along with carrier oil can also be helpful. For greasy type of dandruff blend of Tea Tree, Rosemary, Juniper, Lemon Oil and Cedar wood two times in a week can be helpful.
A tonic can be prepared with cider vinegar and other essential oil and water. This tonic should be applied 3 times in a week. Fungal infection can be cured by Tea tree oil. Inflammation and itching can be soothes by pine oil. A person should rub seed extract of grapefruit and tea-tree oil every night for twenty days. A person should wash hair with a mild shampoo and make hair dry with a towel. Then massage a mixture of Olive oil, rosemary oil, chamomile oil and lavender oil to the scalp and also on the ends. Cover head again with a towel and wash it after one hour with a shampoo. Addition of cider- vinegar to the rinsing water will increase the effectiveness.

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